The purpose of any marketing strategy model is just to provide a framework that will provide logical series for ensuring the inclusion of all key activities related to development of strategy and its implementation. One should focus on a mobile first.

Many of the entrepreneurs are still interested in building /developing the robust websites which fail to deliver a good experience through/ in a mobile. With a majority of digital eyeballs coming through mobile devices, we need to give our strategy a mobile-friendly experience. We need to stop annoying the customers & clients.

We are inundated with content, and our attention spans have become increasingly shorter and if we want to attract the customers towards us, we need to keep our engagement simple and make something whichadds value to it. We need to monitor what the customers are doing and saying and be there to engage with them when they are ready.

We need to make the engagement easier &obvious.Whether we are providing information, promoting a product or talking about a sign up, the visitor should instantly view and understand what all is expected from them. Now coming to Online marketing strategies, going with the latest trends, where attention is the main currency, it is becoming more & more difficult to get the attention & attraction of eyes and ears of our target market.

We are not only competing with the larger companies with highly funded marketing departments but we are also competing with a social media and a multitude of other distractions for the attention of our prospects. We should get the brand endorsed by a local celebrity.

Many businessmen think of having their product or service endorsed by a global celebrity. But instead of getting a superstar to support the business, we must try seeking out a local celebrity instead.

Other strategies involve: Creating a LinkedIn group.It is not only that LinkedIn group is free to create but it can enable us to offer our professional network a vibrant, useful information resource all while driving traffic to your site and enhancing the sales.

While it might be difficult to get on the front cover of a magazine, we can create marketing strategies and opportunities by being featured in a popular niche blog.

A very good strategy is to create videos for YouTube.Since there are more than 800 million unique visitors a month, YouTube can be a very powerful platform for marketing of a business online.