Electronic commerce is usually written as e-commerce. It is the trading or the facility provided for trading in the products or the services using the computer/ web networks, like as the Internet.Electronic commerce homes on the technologies like as mobile commerce, funds transfer electronically, chain management of supply, Internet/ web marketing, transaction processing online, data interchange electronically, inventory management systems, systems of automated data collection and many more . This modern electronic commerce mostly uses the World Wide Web for at least its one part of the transaction's life cycle, though it can also use other technologies like as e-mail.

Some of the Ecommerce businesses that can be employed are as follows→

→Online shopping from the web sites/ or from blogs for the retail sales direct to our consumers.

→ Online market places are either provided or participated in, where process third party business to consumer or from consumer to consumer sales.

→ Gathering the data and using this demographic data through the web contacts and these social media.

→ For buying and selling from Business to business

→ Electronic data interchange from Business to business

→ Engaging in the retail market for launching the new products and other services of companies can be done.

→Marketing to get prospective and established the customers by e-mail or faxes like in example, with newsletters.

One of the most ecommerce businesses is online shopping→

Online shopping is sometimes called as electronic retail or etail or the e-shopping. It is a form of electronic commerce that allows consumers to buy directly the goods or some services from any online seller over the whole Internet/ web using the web browser. Some other names are as e-store, e-shop, e-web store, Internet shop, web-shop, web-store, online store, and online storefront and virtual store. As an example Mobile commerce describes the purchasing from an online retailer's mobile online site or an app.

The online shopping evokes the physical analogy of buying the products or services at a retailers place/ shop or from shopping center. It is the process which is called (B2C) business to consumer online shopping. In this case, a business buys from any another business, that is the process is called (B2B) business to business online shopping. The largest of the online retailing companies/providers / corporations are as Flipkart, Alibaba, Snapdeal,, eBay and many more. For ecommerce online customers should have access to the Internet/ web and a valid method of payment in order to complete their transaction.