The first tactic is that it’s all about timing. We can schedule the emails, tweets, facebook posts& messages at the right timei.e. when we have a captive audience. It is required to catch the audience not only when they are watching their messages and news feeds but also when they may have few seconds to go through a link and check out something. These often use images.

The researches have shown that the pictures perform better than the videos, links and only text on Facebook.The best pictures are self-explaining such as infographics &charts.

Social media marketing can help your business win new customers and engage with a broader audience. Making it work requires time, effort and some strategic thinking. By knowing our audience, interacting with them on their terms, and making engagement easy and attractive, we can elevate our brand and even drive the revenue.

Other option is to check the pulse of our social profiles. As a social media manager, the first thing is to log into our social profiles. Although it seems like a fairly common sense recommendation, a lot of companies create their social profiles only to let them lie dormant for weeks or months on end.

So whether our company has chosen to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ or any combination of these and other social networks, the first step every day should be to simply log in. Once you are logged in, we will be able to complete our goals, all of which play a very significant role in effective social media marketing. Other important fact is to respond to direct interactions from followers.

One of the most important things you can do within your social profiles is to respond to any direct messages you've received from followers or potential fans. The next strategy is to post stimulating content to encourage conversation. After we have responded to any direct interactions that have occurred since you last logged into your social profiles, take a few seconds to post a status update or message which is designed to encourage interaction among our followers.

Finally search for the company's branded terms. One good and a final daily habit or routine is to conduct a quick search for any of our company's branded phrases include any common misspellings or abbreviations that we are aware of.