Video game development is defined as the process of producing a video game. The development of the game is done by a game developer that can range from a person to a huge business. The traditional & the commercial PC and console games are basically funded through a publisher and take a lot of years to be developed whereas the Indie games take much less time and can be created cheaply by the individuals or small developers.

The indie game industry has gained a lot in the recent years by the growth of distribution systems and the game market of mobile. One of the method which is used by the game developers is agile development which is based upon the iterative prototyping that is a subpart of the software prototyping.

Scrum is one of the most popular method of agile software development. The other successful tool is Personal Software Process which requires some additional training to enhance the awareness of project's agenda. It is an expensive method and also requires the commitment of teammates.

The pre-production (design part) is a defined as the planning phase of the project which focusses on thinking and development concept required along with the production of initial design documents. A high concept is defined as a brief description of a game.

A concept document or a game plan is a detailed document as compared to a pitch document which consists of all the information required or needed about the game. Now there’s a design document which gives description about the concept of the game & major elements of the game. It can contain preliminary sketches of various aspects of the game too.

The game design is one of the most necessary & a collaborative task of designing contents and the rules of a game that requires a lot of artwork and technical skills along with writing skills. The program code of the game is handled with the help of one or more than one programmer.

The prototypes are developed to check the ideas.Then comes the art production. The game audio can be separated in the three categories like sound effects, music & voice-over. Sound effect is the produced by either tweaking a sample to a required or a desired effect or by replicating it with some real object. The sound effects play an important role and have an impact on the game's delivery.The character gameplay interactivity is created with the help of voice-overs & voice acting.

The last & the final task is testing which is vital for the modern & the complex games as a single change may lead to disastrous consequences.